Almost half of Canadians report more noise than 2021: poll


Almost half of Canadians (49 per cent) say their city or town has gotten noisier over the past year, according to a new online poll conducted by Research Co.

The poll, published Tuesday, also found that more than a third of its respondents, (36 per cent), have been disturbed by various external noises while they’re in their homes.

In a release, Research Co. says that the latest figure on escalating noise represent an increase of 22 points since a similar survey they conducted in January 2021, where it was found that 27 per cent of Canadians said that their city or town had gotten noisier.

“Compared to 2021, there is significant growth in the proportion of Canadians who have been bothered at home by drivers honking the horn excessively,” Mario Canseco, President of Research Co., said.

The poll found that more than a third of Canadians blamed “unnecessary noise” from vehicles as a primary reason for the increase in noises that bothered them.

Construction-related noises, loud individuals outside their homes and dogs barking were listed as the other top reasons for the increase in noisy environments.

Three in ten (30 per cent) Canadians believe their residences are noisier today than they were in 2021, while over two in five (41 per cent) believe their street is noisier today, according to the poll.

Despite the increase in reports of noisier environments, almost three-quarters of Canadians (74 per cent) say they haven’t done anything to deal with the additional noises at home.

One in seven Canadians has worn earplugs or earmuffs to reduce noise, including 22 per cent of those between the ages of 18 and 34.

The poll also found that most Canadians aren’t willing to take serious action to deal with the issue.

Only eight per cent of Canadians submitted noise complaints to law enforcement, seven per cent purchased noise-reducing equipment and five per cent left their original residence “because of noise.”


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