Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

The community reacts after an area record store goes up in flames

ROCKFORD (WREX) — Community members create go fund me in support of the CD Source Records store after a destructive fire.

The CD Source music store was destroyed overnight in a massive fire; However, its memory still lives on in the hearts of many. 

Skyler Davis, owner of the culture shock music store says CD Source, pushed him to start his own business. 

“When I was growing up actually, I was really into music and local stores were always a little more interesting to find different music and records at so I had been going there as a teenager even years before I opened my own record store, “said Davis. 

The building was widely known for its shape and mural seen on its siding. The artist behind the mural Brett Whitacre says he couldn’t believe what happened. 

“I really loved the mural and I know a lot of people loved it and said a lot of great things to me about it and what it meant to them so it’s really sad to see it go, “said Whitacre. 

Loyal customers have empathy for the owner and say the store was one of a kind. 

“We don’t have a lot of places that do that in town and he was one of those guys so we’re standing in another store of another guy who does that so it’s a shame that he has to now be dealing with the thoughts of that instead of the thing that he enjoys,” said Brian Buscemi. 

A Go Fund Me has been formed in support of the CD source with the goal of four thousand dollars and almost two thousand has already been raised.

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