Health Canada recall: Baby teethers contaminated


Health Canada has recalled water-filled baby teethers and teether keys from the Tootsie Baby brand, due to a bacterial contamination in the liquid inside both products.

The warning covers almost 10,000 affected teethers and teether keys sold in Canada. A Health Canada recall notice on Monday said people should stop using the teethers “immediately” and dispose of them.

The agency said its sampling found that both products’ liquid filler was contaminated with the microorganisms Bacillus cereus, Candida parapsilosis, and Omithinibacillus californiensis.

In most cases, these bacteria “do not cause illness to healthy individuals,” Health Canada said, but can “can affect children with weakened immune systems.”

If consumed, the liquid filling could cause stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea, according to the agency. The affected products were sold from March through August, but no related illnesses have been reported yet.

Teether fillings cannot include any living microorganisms, according to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

The recalled plastic teethers and keys come in various patterns and are available in semi-transperant colours such as blue, aqua and red, the agency said in its recall notice.

CTG Brands Inc., which owns Tootsie Baby, hasn’t received any reports of incidents or injuries in Canada, as of Aug. 11.

Consumers are encouraged to contact CTG Brands Inc. for more information and report all health and safety incidents here.


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