A WOMAN who splurged on a £175 lobster at a swanky restaurant Italian restaurant shocked diners after she released it back into the sea.

Patrons at Gente di Mare restaurant in Sardinia were stunned when the tourist freed the crustacean before it could be cooked by chefs at the renowned eatery.

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The woman had a bucket she carried the lobster in[/caption]

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The seafood restaurant has plates starting around £22[/caption]

The Swiss woman had gone to the seafood restaurant with her husband, where she ordered the Catalan-style lobster with linguine.

Antonio Fasolino, who co-owns the restaurant with his brother, Gianluca, told local media: “At first, I thought she was joking.

“Then, I understood that the lady was serious and wanted to do a good deed.”

Antonio told how he had taken the lobster from the tank, and weighed it in the kitchen.

He then told the couple the lobster weighed around 4.5 pounds and the price for the crustacean would be a whopping £175.

The live lobster was then taken in a transparent bucket and placed next to the couple’s table.

The concerned woman apparently asked if the lobster could “get hurt” if released from the deck height.

After being reassured by those present that it wouldn’t, she gently dropped it through a metal railing as her husband and another person filmed.

As soon as it touched the water, the lobster swam away, local media report.

Antonio told local media: “Seeing her joy and excitement, I was moved, too.

“She was very happy and thrilled to have been able to fulfil this wish, and we were happy with her.”

In 2021, an ultra rare blue lobster was saved only minutes before going into a boiling pot.

Chef Austin Hopley suffered a “crisis of conscience” when he realised how rare the lobster is.

The odds of seeing a blue lobster are 200million to one.

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The woman gently lifted the lobster out of the bucket[/caption]

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It could be seen swimming away after it’s adventure on land[/caption]

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The 4.5 pound crustacean set them back about £175[/caption]

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The owner said the woman seemed very pleased[/caption]

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