A FED-UP woman has shared the moment her neighbour from hell cut down her washing line with all her clean clothes hung up to dry.

Meg John shared the saga with her TikTok followers, but everyone is asking the same thing – who does the fence belong to?


A fed-up woman said her neighbour cut her washing line tied up to a fence[/caption]


TikTok users wanted to find out who actually owns the fence[/caption]


The neighbour held a pair of scissors as he argued with Meg and her partner[/caption]

Meg’s post begins with a picture of her washing line before it got cut.

“Yesterday I hung this clothing line in my backyard but my crazy attached neighbour decided to reach over the fence and cut my line down with my freshly-washed towels on it!” she wrote.

A short clip then shows the neighbour holding a pair of scissors while arguing with Meg’s partner.

“You sit in your house all day. You have no life,” the neighbour was told.

The following morning, the same man was spotted sat on her front lawn.

“We were just leaving for work this morning and he came storming over out of nowhere like he’d been watching and waiting for us all morning,” she said.

An altercation begins again.

“No one’s scared of you, bro. Okay, I’m going to cops again,” Meg’s partner said.

“Dude, I’m going to work. What’s your problem? You’re freaking out on us all day.”

The clip goes on to show a third “nice” neighbour showing up to try and calm the other man down.

“Just go away, ” Meg says.

“You like pacing on our lawn? It’s just really weird.”

Meg added: “Apparently he admitted himself to hospital last night because of how riled he got himself up, over something he caused.”

The TikTok clip amassed more than 70,000 likes and users flooded the comment section.

At the same time they understood Meg’s frustration, many followers also asked the same question.

“Was the clothesline attached to his fence?” one asked.

Another added: “Is the fence a shared fence or is it his? That could be what set him off.”

“Just curious as to who owns the fence. If it his then he petty but still his. Or is it a shared fence?” a third replied.

A fourth follower suggested: “Put a pole up or tie it to something he can’t reach.”

Meg isn’t the first one in a neighbour fence row.

A hairdresser who received homophobic abuse and death threats got a colourful revenge against his neighbours from hell.

Mykey O’Halloran had five men show up in the middle of the night saying they’d kill him if he painted his dream home rainbow colours.

But that didn’t stop the proudly gay Aussie from making his home a colourful paradise.

The colourful fence is the latest addition to the hairdresser’s rainbow home in Melbourne, which got painted with the help of 100 neighbours after the attacks.


The man showed up at Meg’s home the following morning[/caption]


A third neighbour jumped in to try and calm the man down[/caption]

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