WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. (WSMV) – A huge party at an Airbnb has shaken up people in a Robertson County neighborhood after they said it got out of hand.

Neighbors saw hundreds of people at a pool partying at an Airbnb in White House until a fight broke out and someone shot off a gun.

on Sunday afternoon, Nicole Taylor said she saw about 100 people hanging out near her next-door neighbor’s pool.

“My husband and children described it as a music video. The drone footage that we have looked like a music video of people around the pool and swimming and the large amounts of alcohol,” Taylor said. “It really did look like that.”

Taylor called the homeowner, Hannah Case, to see why her Airbnb was packed with people. She said there was even a security guard pacing the driveway, directing cars.

Case said she was shocked when Taylor sent her videos of what was happening. Airbnb guests are only allowed to have nine people at the house at a time.

“I called Airbnb and that’s where is was very frustrating because it was an emergency. They just didn’t do anything,” Case said.

Case said she then turned to the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office to have their deputies stop the party. The sheriff’s office told News4 they couldn’t break it up because the rental agreement was between Airbnb and Case, the homeowner.

“Something needs to change either with the Airbnb laws or the county’s laws,” Taylor said.

Taylor said sheriff’s deputies showed up later that night when the crowd grew larger and rowdier.

“And the cars were peeling out of the driveway, and right about that time there was a gunshot that went off. I later found out that my neighbor had called the sheriff at that point,” Taylor said. “There was a car accident in the driveway at that time. A bumper was left in the yard.”

By 10 p.m., the party was over.

“The place was left disgusting,” Taylor said.

Case said the party caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. Airbnb sent News4 this statement:

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