Shocking moment fuming kangaroo pounces on walker and claws her to the bone as she tries to help baby caught in fence

THIS is the shocking moment a raging kangaroo pinned a walker down and clawed her leg to the bone as she tried to rescue its baby.

Melanie Stubbs, 58, was hiking in Megalong Valley, Australia, when she saw a young kangaroo stuck in a wire fence.


Footage shows the furious kangaroo slipping under a slip[/caption]


The crazed beast then launched itself at Melanie and attacked her[/caption]

Melanie was rushed to hospital and left unable to walk properly

Footage shows her trying to help the stricken joey and its mum watches on growling.

Melanie can be heard telling the furry creature: “We’re trying to help your baby.”

But the fuming kangaroo suddenly charges towards the fence and slips under it as one of Melanie’s friends tries to stop it with a hiking pole.

The angered beast then pounces on Melanie and pins her down as she shrieks.

Melanie told 9News: “She was on the other side of the fence, so we kind of had a false sense of security.”

“She came under the fence and reared up with her claws spread

“And I was trying to crawl away and I’m yelling, ‘Help me’.”

After the vicious attack, Melanie said she realised the crazed kangaroo has torn her leg open and cut her right calf through to the bone.

She said she clambered to safety holding her leg together before being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

But two days later, her leg became infected and she was forced to repeatedly go back to hospital for treatment for almost three months following the attack in December.

Melanie added: “It could have killed me.”

It comes after a kangaroo kicked a golfer to the ground and stomped on her repeatedly in an unprovoked attack.

The woman, 69, was playing golf at the Arundel Hills Country Club in Queensland when she had to be rushed to hospital.

The kangaroo attacked her from the side as she walked down the first fairway, kicking the woman to the ground before stomping on the victim.

Meanwhile, wild footage showed a man in a brutal fight with a kangaroo.

The bizarre brawl was caught on camera in Ballina, New South Wales, and shows the terrified man sprinting away from the animal before being forced into an intense scrap.


Melanie was trying to help a baby kangaroo when its mum pounced on her[/caption]


The creature clawed her leg to the bone[/caption]

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