Singapore to trial integrated construction park at Jurong Port, housing key supply chain facilities

Construction activity has returned to near pre-COVID levels and the staffing situation has stabilised, Mr Lee said, noting that the BCA is on track to meet its projected needs of S$27-32 billion this year .

But the lessons of the pandemic have also prompted a review of how to transform the industry, Mr Lee said as he launched an updated ITM for the built environment.

“We’re not starting from scratch. This updated BE ITM builds on the progress we have made on the Construction ITM and our facilities management transformation plans,” he said.

“But we will do much more now to integrate all of these efforts and take a building lifecycle approach to transformation.”


Prior to the integration of construction assets, industry is encouraged to adopt integrated design and planning and collaborative contracting practices.

The BCA will encourage greater adoption of integrated digital delivery, enabling collaboration among stakeholders across digital platforms.

It will also push for a redesign of traditional contracts to encourage parties to work together, build trust and facilitate risk-sharing.

Seven agencies have identified nine upcoming public sector projects to test collaborative procurement, Mr Lee said.

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