What Ten Hag Must Do To Stay In His Role At United

The best James Bond, by a country mile, was Sean Connery. So good in the role was he that Ian Fleming changed his parentage to reflect the fact he spoke with a Scottish accent.

Jeremy Brett, no doubt to the chagrin of Basil Rathbone fans, was the ultimate Sherlock Holmes and nobody, but nobody, has quite mastered the voice and mannerisms of Hercule Poirot anywhere near as well as David Suchet.

The point here is that, although many actors took on the aforementioned roles, only the very best are remembered. The ones who became the character.

At Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson is/was the best manager the club ever had and that fact is unlikely to change in the near or even distant future.

He also became the character in that he became the club. Manchester United WAS Alex Ferguson in the same way it had been Sir Matt Busby beforehand.

Since he retired United have tried an ex-Everton manager, a couple of ‘world class’ managers, A very raw beginner who proved that playing for the club doesn’t mean you can manage that same club, (or any other for that matter), and now Eric ten Hag who is also relatively unproven but came with a very good track record from Ajax of Amsterdam.

As said earlier, it is highly unlikely that ten Hag will ever ‘become’ Manchester United and usurp Sir Alex as the best ever, but he has to be given a chance to try.

At present he is having to deal with the long term absences of Lisandro Martinez, Tyrell Malacia and Luke Shaw, whilst Casemiro is also injured.

Currently his problem is that, even with these players fit and a full squad to choose from, United would just about scrape top six. They just aren’t good enough and when taken individually there are very few, if any, who would get anywhere near Manchester City’s first team.

So with a few injuries and a lot of average players what does he need to do?

Firstly he needs to give up control of transfers to the newly appointed Director of Football, (whoever that may be). Allowing ten Hag to spend the kind of money he did on the likes of Anthony, Mason Mount and Casemiro was just reckless. Of the three only Casemiro has proven to be any good at present and the Dutchman’s wild spending spree has only resulted in not being able to buy players he actually needed.

Again, using City as an example, and despite them having more money than United, they would never overpay for a player. It was reported they were interested in Alexis Sanchez but his wages were too high. It was also reported they were looking at Harry Maguire but wouldn’t pay such a high fee. United have to swallow their pride and accept that if City, who are better run and better managed, won’t pay above a certain amount for a player, then maybe they shouldn’t either.

Once this obvious error is corrected then ten Hag can tell the DoF the profile of the players he needs and forget about it, freeing up time to concentrate on the team.

The second thing he needs to do is shift the deadwood. Anthony Martial, Harry Maguire and Diogo Dalot are three players who spring to mind. United supporters were expecting the three of them to be gone by now but no, not only are they still there but they are still appearing on the teamsheet.

The Jadon Sancho saga needs resolving and he needs to be shown the door. He should never have been bought and, no doubt, United will lose a considerable amount of money when he goes but that, as with most things bad at Old Trafford, is their own fault.

Mason Greenwood’s situation needs clarifying. Is he going to return from his loan at Getafe or will he be sold? Just kicking the can down the road is not a solution and the supporters deserve to know what’s happening with the players.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s position at the club and plans for the club also need clarifying. The disappointment at the club not being sold has soon evaporated from a weak fanbase who virtually threatened world war three if the Glazers didn’t sell. Well, the Glazers didn’t sell and the supporters are still buying merchandise and filling Old Trafford every home game whilst sucking their thumbs and wondering, “duh…why didn’t they sell? Never mind, I’ll keep supporting them.

So with his purchase of 25% of the club Ratcliffe needs to outline his plans to the most important people. Not to the Glazers or the board but to the fans because, as Sir Matt Busby once said, “football is nothing without fans!

Then he needs to speak with ten Hag because this is the third factor in him being successful at United.

If any or all of the previous conditions are not met then the club will have failed yet another manager and the auditions for the role will continue.

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