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How to decide which computer certifications are right for you?

First I would like to share with you my personal experience of enrolling into a few different IT certifications. I went in to speak with a number of potential IT employers I had seen in the job postings. Although I loved my new skills, if one of my skills does not pay off I will not be able to acquire my next skill. I got to first base and decided which certifications I wanted to pursue. I started at programming Crystal collections, degrading blogs and minimal programming and eventually ended up with an emphasis business website programming certification handed out in the neighbourhood of $100,000.

When pursuing an IT certification it is a good idea to always do your homework. Look on the internet for accreditations

I chose to focus on Business website programming because these are the types of companies that would search for me on the internet. My business website programming certification would give them the assurance that I could have what they are looking for ready to go and working within hours due to my knowledge of the field. If my website team has the knowledge to implement their website, my business website programming certification would leave my potential employer with confidence to hire me for their writing project. Another great advantage other IT certifications provide companies is certifications do not have any age bar, which makes it easier to find potential candidates that are young. Although I love what I do for a living I was not necessarily looking for a career in the corporate world.

Overall I would highly recommend computer certifications. Within my current employment I have demonstrated a great job ethic and great skills, yet my information technology skills score every in my potential business website writers with my old resume. I now have the certification proving I am a business website writer and will be going for further training on scripting and online advertising.

Start your path for your IT certifications and get ready to write!

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