Woman hides in bathroom with two kids when shots ring out


MOBILE, Alabama –

Shots fired near a busy shop on Schillinger Road on Saturday night left bystanders completely shaken, particularly the woman who called 911 while hiding in a toilet stall and huddled with her children.

“I heard someone say shots were fired,” said Amber Barnard, who was at Target.

According to witnesses, hundreds of children ran to the Target parking lot via Schillinger after a brawl broke out in the AMC theater. Barnard was at Target with her two young daughters at around 9:50 p.m. when gunfire rang out from the parking lot. She said just minutes before entering the store, hundreds of children stormed the area.

“When we pulled into the parking lot, there were tons of kids out here, and they were in the Chili’s parking lot, Sonny’s parking lot,” she said. “You could see them everywhere.”

According to several witnesses, a fight involving teenagers broke out at the AMC theater across the street. Police said they received a disorderly complaint and responded to the drama, but the crowd dispersed when officers arrived at the scene. Moments later, police said shots were fired across the street near the Get Air trampoline park.

From inside Target, Barnard said employees had been told to go into hiding.

“Two employees ran to the back of the store and as they passed me, I heard on one of their radios that I should go to a safe place now,” she said. “I took my youngest daughter’s hand, left my stroller and we ran to the back of the store. I heard someone say shots were fired. We immediately went into a bathroom and one of the staff locked the door.”

She then called 911.

“The longest 15 minutes of my life,” Barnard said. “Everyone was scared and crying.”

When all was clear, she and her daughters went into the parking lot to find dozens of MPD officers at the scene.

Fortunately, according to police, no one was injured. Although Barnard’s burning question was, “Where were the parents?”.

“Why are these kids out here?” she asked. “Why do we have 200 to 300 12 to 15 year old kids without supervision? I’m glad nobody got hurt, but it could have been bad.”

Mobile police said the building of Get Air’s trampoline park was hit by gunfire, but again no one was injured.

MPD said this is an ongoing investigation. No one was charged or arrested.


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